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Magic Broom Ride

Game Description

In this game you need to ride a magic broom and fly for as long as possible. You need to follow the path when flying. When the path is straight, you do not need to do anything as the broom will fly straight by itself. But when the path turns, you also need to turn. You turn by pressing the screen to shoot a beam to connect your broom to the corner, and then your broom will revolve around the point you connect to so that it turns around the corner. When you have finished turning, you release the screen to disconnect the beam, and your broom will fly straight again. You need to time your beam carefully so as to successfully turn around corners. Connecting or disconnecting too early or too late will cause you to fly toward the edge of the corner. If you go out of the path when flying, then the game is over. As the game progresses, the path will be narrower and narrower, making it harder and harder to stay on the path.
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